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NEW! KIYORABI Hydrogen Peach Jelly 2ctn(48pcs)

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Hydrogen water jelly KIYORABI is a jelly-type drink containing fruit juice. It is the world's first* hydrogen-containing jelly drink. As well as hydrogen, it contains collagen peptide (derived from fish) that enhances beauty. It uses honey instead of sugar*. The juicy jelly with plenty of juice tastes like real peaches and is very popular! Hydrogen water jelly KIYORABI is currently grabbing attention in Japan as a soft drink that facilitates the consumption of hydrogen.

  • Jelly packed with hydrogen!

We packed in even more hydrogen by adding it twice! This allows us to ensure a high hydrogen content without changing the flavor of the jelly, making for a great tasting hydrogen supplement.

  • Contains Japan's highest grade collagen peptide!

KIYORABI Jelly also contains the popular beauty ingredient collagen peptide. With 1,000 mg of collagen peptide using only safe ingredients sourced in Japan, KIYORABI Jelly is both delicious and beauty enhancing.

  • Vitamin C necessary for absorption of collagen!

Vitamin C is necessary for absorption and synthesis of collagen that supports skin elasticity. You need to actively take it from meals, supplements because you can not produce vitamin C in your body.

  • No suger added. And full of fruit juice!

We use "honey" instead of sugar. The sweetness of peach juice and honey is enough to drink everyday without getting tired of it.The jelly is so full of fruit juice, it's like eating a whole piece of fresh fruit! The taste is deliciously sweet.

Product Size : W84 x D45 x H130 mm

Net Weight : 180 g

Carton Size : W365 x 245 x 150 mm

Carton Weight : 5 kg

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