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Gyokuoh Tamogi Matcha (Green tea)

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Everyday healthy! Every day delicious!

We've made delicious Matcha drinks with powder of Tamogi mushroom with antioxidant activity.

Ergothioneine of Tamogi mushroom and tea catechin (polyphenol) of Matcha helps your health.

How to make:

(1) Take 1g of this powder into a mug or cup. (Also can put sugar as you like)

(2) Add a bit of water and mix with a tea spoon until becomes smoother as dark green paste with no lumps.

(3) Finally, add the 200ml water or hot water and mix with a spoon. (You can also mix with milk or soy milk)

The main 3 active ingredients are Ergothioneine, β- glucan, and Arginine.